More and more companies move their investments and campaigns from print – and traditional media in favor of social media ads and online marketing. However, without a well-thought out strategy and a result driven follow-up system, businesses can waste a lot of money in digital channels.
To be in control of your digital investments you have to learn from the best, and that is why we have spent years with the leading companies in the Nordic-region and boosted this with a network specialists. We can help you to setup a process that works for you and your business no matter small or large.

Digital Strategy & Marketing

A challenge most companies have today is what marketing channels to use in an ever-growing media landscape. All this can sometimes feel confusing and overwhelming ñ that is why we have a team of experts at our fingertips.

It is just like having your own marketing department ñ yet more personalized, at a fraction of the cost of an employed team and topped off with specialized skills for the hospitality industry. With nearly 25 years of experience in; Hospitality, IT and the Travel trade, all molded together by a genuine interest in digital marketing.

This way we can offer professional media consultation, form digital strategies and a media plan tailor-made for you. It makes your company more focused on the essentials ñ your core business ñ in other words sustainable business development.

Sound pretty good, right? Give us a call and letís take the first step, together!

Social Media

Social media today is available to everyone from small businesses owners to large multinationals. These tools has made the process of follow up easier, measuring easier and therefore generated a better results, as well as more cost effective result compared to traditional print media.

However, despite this many business do not carry out the so ever important analysis after their social media campaigns. In addition, without relevant goals, a clear target group and set purpose of the campaign it is not easy to determine success or no success.

Web Analysis

Over the past decade, online marketing has exploded with almost every business and organization moving online. Whether it be via a traditional website, mobile applications, or social networks, consumers expect that they can connect to your organization any time across any device.

What started as a way to see when visitors abandoned websites or how many clicks were generated from search engines like Google or Yahoo has evolved into pure business intelligence. This desire to see click paths, results of online marketing campaigns, online key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as ROI is now one of the most important tools in any business.

Business & Culture

After many years of traveling the world in business some destinations have inspired us more than others and therefore we specialize in the business of the Nordics, Indian Ocean and Asia with a focus on Thailand, as well as its neighboring countries.

Working in the international arena takes more than just time, resources and money. Cultures can differ in fundamental ways or have numerous similarities. The skill is to know when, where and how to make the culture and national systems work for you and your business.

In order to understand sales, marketing and business culture you have to constantly expand your horizons.

Nordic representation

We are a Sales and Marketing company based in the city center of the capital in Sweden, Stockholm, covering the four Nordics countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland). Doing business in our region comes with certain challenges like; currencies, languages, cultures and over an area of four nations. Many foreign businesses wish to do business yet do not know how to setup and where to begin.

We are committed to building brand awareness for businesses who cannot afford to ‘take on’ the major corporates in all countries, as well as online. We do not only represent your business, we go out and actively market your brand to the Nordic market. Our services are tailored specifically to individual clients needs and budgets, be it a small, medium or large business or a premium brand with niche marketing needs.

Speaker | Seminars & Workshop

There are plenty of excellent and highly professional choices out there. Yet, if you want to hire a speaker to motivate and inspire your company or organization it is not always easy to choose.

Firstly, consider the role that the speaker will play in your conference or meeting program;
we can do Motivational-, Inspirational-, Marketing Speakers and Hospitality Trends.

Secondly, what results would you like to achieve, and why do you want to hire a keynote speaker; to Educate, to Motivate, to Fuel Change and Growth, or to promote Awareness.

Together we establish the purpose, topic and vision for the event, as well as consider the audience mix and demographics to find the style that will fit the occasion. Contact us for more information.


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