A word from the CEO

Our vision is to become one of the most respected brands within the hospitality industry, as well as other industries where we can make a significant contribution to the quality of digital marketing investments.

A word from the CEO

I believe that success is nothing random but rather to be determined, have a structured plan and to work with-, learn from- and even to be the best in their field.

Working in digital marketing may seem an odd career choice for an MBA graduate of hospitality, yet it is an integral part of my strategy to develop a competitive edge in the hospitality industry. I aim to develop an expertise in this area, to be able to offer great value to luxury and high-end hotels’ marketing strategies.

After a few years working in Asia and studying in Switzerland, I’m back in the Nordics working with a network consisting of effective high-caliber individuals capable of delivering a complex mix of sales and business skills operating comfortably at C suite level.


Johan Öström

CEO / Founder

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