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We have a passion for hospitality, digital innovation and making excellent guest experiences possible worldwide. Therefore, we feel that success is nothing random but rather to be determined, have a structured plan and to work with brands you love.
This is in our experience how you come up with the best solutions and feel passionate about every step of the process when doing so. Since our core DNA is composed by hospitality, tech, digital and personalized guest experiences this has always been part of our focus – just as the guest!


Over the years we have worked with many different companies, well-renowned brands and passionate people across several industries. After 6 years we can honestly say we are proud to have met and represented them all.

Just as they pick us, we pick them – just like any long-term relationship. It’s what got us here today and what we hope will continue to provide business for many years.

We work with all from the smaller family owned hotels, medium-sized hospitality groups to the larger international chains and tech companies. We take pride in earning their trust as our clients, just as we are happy to work with several best-of-breed partners from both the public and private sectors. Not just solving the challenges but becoming their long-term ambassadors all over the world.


There have been many cases over the years both strategical, operational and some more tech oriented. As globalization and digital transformation speeds up, solutions get more and more complex, guest pickier and the importance of the digital eco-system more crucial. Few know that to create techno-magical and five-star guest experience digital innovation is a must – together with right mind-set.

We also found that practically all challenges have been connected to sales, marketing and the digital transformation. Follow the money and keep it simple has always proved to be a good guide line. Yet, never forget that to make faster, easier and more secure solutions for the guest – a well planned tech stack is needed behind the scenes. What this means in reality you can find out in some of our cases.

Meet some of our clients

IHM Business School

IHM Business School offers open courses, advanced educational programmes and company-specific learning programmes. The range of programmes is aimed at both companies and individual professionals seeking ways to improve their business acumen. The subjects span between marketing & sales, leadership, management, communications, finance and business economics.

Nobis Hospitality Group

Founded in 1987 by Alessandro Catenacci, Nobis Hospitality Group is a family-owned group of first-class hospitality venues in Stockholm, exanding into international markets. Many of Nobis Hospitality Groups venues are housed in remarkable, historically prominent and esteemed venues.

the Professional Academy

The Professional Academy was founded in 1997 and they are today one of the major providers of vocational education for adults. They educate for professional competence in contracting, technology, hospitality and service professions. The Professional Academy offer skills development to companies and individuals, as well as conduct training on behalf of government agencies and municipalities.

Go Cruising Travel Group

Go Cruising is a privately owned company with two offices in Sweden, one in Stockholm and one in Sundsvall. They are a passionate team and really comitted to their work, travel and cruises – all over the world. They love to help fulfill your travel dreams, regardless of budget and size of the group travelling together. For them, nothing is too small or too big.

Hugo Stockholm>>

You will never grow old in the exclusive world of fashion if you can not offer anything out of the ordinary. Due to their strong personality and a verging on obsessive interest in clothing they have managed to survive both trends and generational shifts since 1978. This, combined with a constant search for new fashion brands makes sure they still stand strong. They rather build new relationships than a hundred stores. Hugo will always be Hugo, and that pledge we have kept.

Centara Hotels & Resorts

Centara Hotels & Resorts is dedicated to providing exceptional service in unique and sophisticated environments. As a Thai hospitality management company it places a strong emphasis on providing Thai-influenced hospitality and its inimitably warm service across all its brands whilst embracing and maintaining a sense of place in the local environment of each property.


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