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Nobis Hospitality Group

Founded in 1987 by Alessandro Catenacci, Nobis Hospitality Group is a family-owned group of first-class hospitality venues in Stockholm, exanding into international markets. Many of Nobis Hospitality Groups venues are housed in remarkable, historically prominent and esteemed venues.

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the Challenge

The online booking process did not allow the guests to pay online

the System

Craft CMS, SynXis Booking engine, Adyen payment platform, Opera PMS

the Outcome

With the implementation of the Adyen payment platform Nobis gained new functionality and can receive automated online payments from anywhere in the world.

Nobis Hospitality Group actively use the Adyen payment platform in all properties (7 hotels, Oct 2019) both in Sweden and Denmark. This have also provided them with a platform that can support further expansion in both markets, as well as new planned markets and business scenarios.

the Challenges and the Business Objectives

The online booking process did not allow the guests to pay online

The goal with this project was to provide a solution to receive payment online to replace the manual payment routines that was in place earlier. The challenge within itself had been around for some time.

Yet, now it had been made business critical due to a combination of new legislations like; GDPR, PSD2/SCA, as well as an increasing guest demand for a Easier, Faster, and more Secure payment experience. As the group also was facing rapid expansion the solution had to support growth in multiple markets.

the Background and Why Ostrom Consulting

A digital transformation plan of 3 years

With a long relationship with the client this was the 2nd project for Nobis since the start 2018. As the digital eco system in a hospitality environment is quite complex, involving multiple systems/platforms, several business scenarios, as well as internal and external partners Ostrom Consulting was the natural choice after working in-house knowing the organisation.

the Plan of Action

The plan of action involved 4 main areas;

*Research & planning of implementing a payment platform
*Selection process of platform supplier

*Technical implementation & coordination of 3rd party suppliers throughout the project
*Full project coordination, reporting and management updates
*Technical integration, testing & follow up

*Progress reporting to corporate HQ
*Education & coaching of operational Front office managers/ staff

*Follow ups, User support for operational staff, as well as & implementation of operational procedures with the help of Front office managers at each hotel.

the Outcome

Nobis can now accept any online payment at any of the hotels

With the Adyen payment platform Nobis can now provide online payment for All their guests. This means creating a faster, easier and more secure booking & payment process for all their online business – both organizations and guests. They can also live up to the increased security standards in line with national-, EU legislation, as well as guest expectations - which was the primary goal.

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the Benefits

Other benefits with the Adyen payment platforms

*Aquiring payment much faster and shortening the time of payment
*Minimizing financial risk, due to the ability to detect fraud at an early stage and having a more secure payment process.

*Gaining tremendous insights in guest spending patterns within the Nobis digital eco-system
*Gaining the potential to activate a number of new payment methods to easier make transactions with guests from all around the world.
*Future proofing the payment infrastructure and experience


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