In this section we publish some of our work, ideas and visions of hospitality, IT and Travel Trade.
Interesting research, articles and thoughtful conclusions are not meant for dusty shelves or academic archives. For this reason we have made the decision of opening up useful reports, documents and academic work re-structured to fit hospitality and Travel trade industry.

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Earlier work release in updated, easier to read and shorter format than the academic original. In other words: made for the hospitality industry, by the hospitality industry, yet with the well needed insights from the IT industry and through sales & marketing glasses.

Our hopes being that this will stimulate the industry to read, discuss and give feedback on the topics in order to facilitate and inspire digital progress in the world of hospitality.

Enjoy and please feel free to participate and contribute to the discussion by contacting us!


Selected chapters from Master dissertation (2012) – Johan Ostrom
“A study of customer loyalty and the impact of an eCRM approach in a 5 star hotel environment”.


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